Case Study

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Year of project completion: 2015


An engineer visited factory to survey initially for power factor correction to save money, with most
of the load comprising of lights we recommended a Voltage Optimiser unit instead. Voltage was
taken at different locations on site and we based our recommendations on the lowest volt reading.
We estimated 80% of load suitable for optimisation.

Electricity Cost

Annual Usage 146540.60 x 12 = 1758487.20 Day 36185.60 * 12 = 434227.20 night
Average Cost Per Kwh 9.5610p Day 6.3830 Night
£168,128.96 * 80% = £134,489.10 £27,716.72 * 80% = £22173.38
Financial saving @ 14% £156,962.48 * 14% = £21,974.75


Maximum demand 1183.5 kVA
Existing Voltage 248 Vac, 248 Vac, 248 Vac
Voltage Optimiser recommended 1500 kVA
Voltage Optimiser Setting 10%
Voltage level after install 223 Vac
Payback supply and install 1.52 Years

CO2 Savings

Total kWH used per year 2,192,714.4
Total kWH Savings 245,584.0128
Total CO2 Savings per year 113506 kg CO2e

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